Dairy Care FAQ’s

Dairy Care FAQ’s

Are your cows treated humanely?

We only work with farmers that are able to meet our high standards and cow comfort is a big part of that. In fact, we are moving towards becoming Humane Certified which is a third-party certification process that ensures that the farms we work with will treat their animals in a humane way.

Do the cows have access to pasture?

Yes! They can access pasture year-round. They also have the option to seek shade in the barn where there are fans and misters to keep them cool in the summer or curtains to keep them warm in the winter.

What is the average age of a cow?

This can be a difficult question to answer because there are so many variables. Farms of any size are equipped to handle a certain number of cows. Because calves are born frequently, the calves that are kept bring down the average age of the herd. There are many factors that lead to a cow being sold, health, production, and space limitations are all taken into account. All of that contributes to the average age of a farmers’ cows.

What happens to the calves, babies born from the cows?

After birth: Calves are left with their mothers for a period of time after being born so that they can get the vitally nutritious colostrum milk from their mother. This amount of time varies, depending on how well the mother cares for the calf. After some time has passed (normally 24-48 hours) the calf is moved to the nursery where his/her well-being can be monitored and to ensure they receive proper nutrition and care.

What do you do with the male calves?

Our farms sell the male or bull calves to a local farm that wants them.

Do you use artificial breeding?

The farms we work with do use artificial breeding, which is using natural methods but without the bull, to increase overall herd health and ensure the quality offspring and genetics. This is also much safer for the farmers because bulls can be dangerous to work around because of their size and temperament.

How often does a mother have a baby calf?

It can vary, but on average cows will have a calf every 1-2 years.

How long is the cow’s life expectancy?

10-15 years

Do they miss their moms? And when they get back home from the Calf Tour do they get to see their moms?

No, they do not miss their moms because they are very independent and curious. Yes, when they become of age to produce milk they are turned out to pasture with the other cows and mothers.

How often do they get milked?

They are milked twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon.