Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you sell raw milk?

No. Our milk is minimally pasteurized at a high heat for a short amount of time. 

What does Homogenized mean?

Homogenization breaks up the molecules of fat so they mix into the milk. That’s what makes Whole and 2% milk so smooth.

What is Creamline Milk?

Most milk sold in stores is homogenized. Our Creamline milk is not, so the cream naturally rises to the top! Shake vigorously to disperse the cream into the milk but it won’t completely mix into the milk. 

Why is Non-fat milk labeled as Creamline?

“Creamline” means that it has not been homogenized. We skim the cream right off the top of the milk, leaving behind the non-homogenized skim milk. 

I don’t see a product at my local store. Can you send some?

We can only send the stores what they order. You can reach out to the store about carrying the product, or inquire with them about a special order.

Is the date on the cap a sell-by date?

The date on the cap is our freshness guaranteed date. This is the last day that we can ensure the milk will be fresh and ready to use. If the bottle is stored at the proper temperature with the lid completely closed, it may stay fresh a few days past the date.

How do I return my bottles? 

You can return your bottles to the store you purchased them from! You’ll get the deposit back for each bottle you turn in. 

What is A2A2? Are the cows grass-fed and organic? Are the cows hormone and antibiotic free?