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Homestead Creamery Milk Now from 100% A2A2 Cows

Homestead Creamery Milk Now from 100% A2A2 Cows

Homestead Creamery now using milk from A2A2 family farms 

For years, many people have enjoyed farm fresh, local milk in returnable glass bottles from the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Now it is possible that even more can enjoy the great tasting milk! All 15 flavors of Homestead Creamery milk are being made from cows with the A2A2 genetics, including popular choices like chocolate, strawberry, and whole milk. Homestead Creamery is celebrating 20 years in 2021 and is now the only glass bottled milk to offer this many choices from A2A2 cows in our area. 

Why Choose A2A2 Cows?

When the farmer owners of Homestead Creamery first heard about the science behind A2A2 and the difference it can make in people’s lives, they knew it would be the future of the company. In 2018 the first A2A2 product was made, a 2% half gallon. It did not take long for customers to request other products. “We knew right away that this was helping customers,” according to Rose Jeter, Marketing Director for the creamery. “They told us! We received so many heart warming notes from people who had shied away from dairy because of discomfort but were now enjoying a glass of milk.” 

It was just a matter of time before all types of Homestead Creamery milk could be considered from A2A2 cows. After several years and a great effort on the part of the farmers, the day many have been waiting for is here. All half gallons, all quarts, and all flavors of bottled milk are now from A2A2 cows! “We believe that this will help many people enjoy products like chocolate milk and half and half again,” said Kasey Kohl, President of Homestead Creamery. “We are excited about what this means for our customers, for our company, and the farmers we support.” 

What is A2A2?

Milk contains different types of proteins, including whey and casein. Over time there was a genetic change in cows creating an A1 beta-casein variation. Many cows now have both A1 and A2 beta casein. Most milk that is available in stores contains both the A1 and A2 beta-casein, but research studies have shown evidence that our bodies may digest the two different types of protein differently. In these studies, people who have experienced adverse gastrointestinal effects of milk consumption, which resemble those in lactose intolerance, were able to drink milk with two A2 proteins with no adverse reactions. A2A2 beta casein is also the most natural to human bodies. 

Milk with only the A2 protein is not made differently from regular milk. It doesn’t change the pasteurization process, nor does it rely on additives to change the milk – it’s simply milk that comes from cows that have two copies of the A2 gene in their DNA. Homestead Creamery milk made from A2A2 cows will be the same great tasting, high-quality milk you know and love, it may just be easier to digest for some of our fans!

“Essentially, we’re welcoming people back to milk the way milk should feel!” said Jeter.

Homestead Creamery

Homestead Creamery is a small, locally owned dairy processing plant, nestled among the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Franklin County, VA. Milk, ice cream, eggnog, custard, and lemonade are all made at the plant and sold through wholesale outlets, grocery stores, and Homestead Creamery’s Farm Market and Home Delivery service. The company sources milk from six local family owned dairies who uphold high ethical and environmental standards. The company is committed to high production standards, quality customer service, and giving back to the community.