How It's Made Nothing Beats Apple Pie Ice Cream Holy Cow, This Milk is Delicious!

On the Farm

Our farmers believe that quality dairy products begin with the quality of life of our cows. We focus on cow comfort and health, providing clean, dry bedding, a constant supply of fresh water and feed grown on our farms, and fans and sprinklers to help keep them comfortable. After each milking, they get to roam our pastures for exercise, grazing and lounging.

At the Creamery

Each batch of milk is delivered directly to the creamery and processed within a day to guarantee freshness. From the silo, we put our milk through minimal pasteurization; heating the milk up to 165° - 175° and quickly down to 36° to kill any harmful bacteria and leave the nutrition and flavor. Then, we homogenize the milk through a pressure pump to help the cream absorb into the milk.

Farm-Fresh Flavors

Next, our milk is bottled up into our signature glass bottles or crafted into the rest of our line of dairy products. You'll easily recognize our glass milk bottles on shelves. Not only are they recyclable, but it locks in the fresh flavor and keeps the milk cold longer.

On Your Table

We pack as much flavor and nutrients into each and every dairy product that will be loaded onto the milkman truck or shipped off to our partner retail stores, so families from all over can enjoy.