Filling Glass Bottles

Why We Use Glass Bottles

Why We Use Glass Bottles

A lot of our customers tell us that their favorite part of drinking Homestead Creamery milk is that they get to pour it into their glass with our famous, old-fashioned glass bottles. It reminds you of simpler times when you could find a moment of peace and joy in a cold beverage. But our glass bottling isn’t just a marketing ploy or branding strategy, it’s just another example of our dedication to tradition, sustainability, and production of high-quality milk.

Glass Bottles Retain Milk Flavor & Quality

The desire to produce quickly and at lower costs has chipped away at the quality in the milk industry for years. Milk packaged in plastic or cardboard can quickly reduce the flavor quality. That’s because there’s less insulation to keep the milk cold and many believe plastic can alter the flavor. Lucky for you, our long-standing dedication to tradition has protected us from the temptation of producing for quantity over quality.

Our glass milk bottles can keep your milk colder longer, and everyone knows ice cold milk is the only way to drink it. Glass also lacks the porous properties of other packaging materials, meaning that farm-fresh taste is locked in for longer. And did we mention how nice they look sitting on your dining table?!

Our Dedication to Sustainable Operations

The agricultural industry relies on a healthy earth to operate at maximum capacity. That’s why we make sure our operations are sustainable, with glass bottles being just a small part of that. We encourage our customers to recycle their glass bottles for a $2 rebate for each bottle returned to us.

Upon return, we wash and sanitize our glass bottles before re-use. First, we wash and rinse with hot water at 140 degrees and then use a sanitation solution for further cleanliness. Our machine can hold up to 900 bottles at a time, and with just an 8-minute cleaning cycle we can spend the rest of our time focusing on the quality of our products. A fun part of this process is seeing where our bottles have traveled and how long they’ve been in circulation. Some have been around for over 10 years!

At this time, up to 80% of our local market participates in the recycle and reuse program! As for the other 20%, we hope they’re using them for something crafty life a vase on the kitchen table.

How to Participate

If you want to be a part of our glass bottle revolution, it’s simple! When you’re finished, just rinse it out and return it to the store you buy from for a $2 rebate or leave it for your milkman to pick up on your next delivery day. If you’re part of the 20% that loves our bottles so much you want to hold onto them, snap a picture of what you’re using them for, share it and tag us on social media! We love seeing new ways to recycle and reuse.