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You Can Taste the Difference in These Farm Practices

You Can Taste the Difference in These Farm Practices

At Homestead Creamery, we believe quality dairy products start at the source: the farms. If the product isn’t quality from the beginning, no amount of processing can improve that quality. Lucky for us (and you), our milk is high quality from the start which means we don’t have to over process it at our creamery!

One of our core values is to “always produce and sell quality, natural products that are wholesome and enjoyable for the whole family.” But how do we make sure it our milk begins as milk “the way milk should taste”? It’s all about the hard work the farmers put in each day to make sure their facilities are clean and up to date and their cows are happy and healthy.


How Can A Farm Be Clean?

You know what they say, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. All of our farmers take this to heart when tending to their facilities. Of course, farming is outdoors and where there’s outdoors, there’s dirt – but each farmer works hard to make sure that both the barns and the milking parlors are in tip-top shape. They clean equipment after each milking and freshen up the beds of hay in the barns frequently.

Practicing clean farming habits can make or break your product. A clean space for the cows to relax in and clean machinery means the cows stay happy and healthy. Whether you want to believe it or not, a happy cow’s milk tastes better!

Speaking of Keeping Cows Happy…

Cows are creatures of comfort. They enjoy lazing about in the sunshine on a hill. They enjoy getting their backs scratched. And of course, they enjoy eating! (Don’t we all?) Our primary focus in cow care is making sure that they are well-fed and well-kept.

The farmers allow their cows to graze out in pastures as they please but also provide a nutritional, veterinarian-recommended silage mixture to make sure they’re properly nourished. For quality control, all of our farmers grow their own non-GMO crops to mix into the silage. A healthy, well-rounded diet helps the cows produce rich, great tasting milk!

We are incredibly thankful for the dedication of our four partner farms, who work hard 7 days a week to make sure each and every drop of milk that we turn into our delicious dairy products is top quality. If something seems off, we’re not afraid to scrap it and try again next time. At the end of the day, it’s all about that high-quality taste that you know and love.