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3 Types of People Who Should Drink A2A2 Milk

3 Types of People Who Should Drink A2A2 Milk

Since the launch of our new, all-natural A2A2 milk line, people have been welcoming dairy back to their dinner tables. Most research and information across the web focuses on the benefits of this milk regarding digestion difficulties, but there are other ways A2A2 milk can help people find relief from the sometimes unwanted affects of A1A2 milk.

People Who Have Difficulty Digesting the A1 Protein

The biggest group of people that can benefit from A2A2 milk is those who have a hard time digesting the A1 protein in regular milk. While we do not suggest that those who have been medically diagnosed with lactose intolerance or a dairy allergy try this milk, those who find general discomfort without a medically identified cause could find different results when drinking our A2A2 milk! Studies have shown that the A2A2 proteins are easier for the stomach to break down, eliminating the belly-ache!

People Who Get Congested When Drinking Milk

One of the lesser known adverse reactions that can sometimes come from A1A2 milk is congestion. The difficulty the body has in digesting the protein can sometimes cause inflammation in areas other than your stomach. Inflammation in the sinus and respiratory systems as a result can make you feel foggy headed and congested. Some individuals who have tried A2A2 milk find that they don’t experience the same congestive symptoms as when they drink regular milk.

Anyone Who Loves Milk

While the protein combination is different, this milk is just like any other. If you’re looking to include the same key combinations of vitamins and minerals in your diet, this milk is for you. Our 2% A2A2 milk has the exact same nutrition profile as our regular milk. Find it at a store near you!