Cows in Field

Meet the A2A2 Cows

Meet the A2A2 Cows

We’ve been so excited over the last few months to share information about our new A2A2 milk! We introduced our new digestion-friendly A2A2 milk in September of 2018 and just announced last week that all of our milk is from A2A2 cows. A2A2 milk is milk produced by cows that do not carry the A1 protein. The A1 protein in milk has been found to be difficult for some milk drinkers to digest. We’ve written about how lots of milk lovers could have been diagnosed as lactose in tolerant, when really they have an A1 protein intolerance. We have loved reading all the positive testimonials from those who are now able to enjoy our classic taste without discomfort.

We have written a lot about the science behind A2A2 milk, but now we want to talk about the real stars behind the product, our A2A2 cows! We want to show you the difference between our cows that produced our classic milk containing the A1 protein, as well as our cows that are producing our new A2A2 milk. Allow us to introduce you to Greta and Mable…

Meet Greta. Greta is a dairy cow that produces milk with the A1 protein. She enjoys grazing in the fields, an occasional back scratch, and relaxing under the mist machine on a warm day.

Now meet Mable! Mable is a dairy cow that produces milk without the A1 protein. She also enjoys grazing in the fields, and occasional back scratch, and relaxing under the mist machine on a warm day.

As you can see, both of these cows are happy and healthy and producing milk! At one point in time, all dairy cows only produced the A2 protein. After years of breeding, a slight mutation of DNA caused dairy cows to start producing the A1 protein. The only difference between our A1 protein producing cows and A2A2 cows is that our A2A2 cows have had their hair tested to be sure that they do not contain the A1 protein in their DNA. You can be sure that our new A2A2 Milk still has that same classic Homestead Creamery taste, “The Way Milk Should Taste!”

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