A2A2 Milk, Reduced Fat

It's the same great 2% milk that you know and love with the A2 proteins that could help reduce your stomach's sensitivity to milk!

Most milk that you purchase in a store contains both the A1 and A2 beta-casein, but research studies have shown evidence that our bodies may digest the two types of protein differently. Studies have shown that people who have experienced adverse gastrointestinal reactions to milk consumption that resemble lactose intolerance were able to drink milk with two A2 proteins with no adverse reactions.

Milk with A2 only proteins isn't made differently from regular milk. It doesn't change the pasteurization process, nor does it rely on additives to change the milk - it's simply milk that comes from cows that naturally have two copies of the A2 gene in their DNA. The best part? It doesn't change the flavor either!

  • Available Sizes
  • Half Gallon
Antibiotic Free

We test our milk for antibiotics, first at our farms, and again at the plant to assure that not a single drop of antibiotics make it into your milk.

No Added Hormones

We keep our cows well fed and well rested so they can produce high quality milk naturally, instead of relying on production hormones.

Minimal Pasteurization

Heating and cooling in under a minute, we lock in the nutrients without compromising flavor.


Our high pressure pumps break down fat molecules so they can be better absorbed into the milk, removing more of the thick cream top.

Glass Bottled

Our recyclable glass bottles will keep your milk colder and the flavor fresher.

Behind the Scenes

See how the Cream Team keeps our dairy fresh and pure from start to finish.

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