Glass Milk Bottles

How to Recycle Your Glass Bottles

How to Recycle Your Glass Bottles

Whether you’re a new Homestead Creamery customer or a seasoned fan, you can probably instantly recognize the Homestead Creamery brand by our famous glass milk bottles! Our signature glass bottles do more than just preserve the quality of our milk, they also contribute to the preservation of the lands we farm, and ultimately, the world! Our glass bottle recycling program depends on YOU to work. It’s quite simple to participate, plus you get the bottle deposit back!

Step One: Rinse Your Bottles

Though we have a high powered washing machine at the creamery to ensure each and every bottle is clean and sanitized, rinsing your bottle before you return it will help prevent any possibility of bacteria growing, and, of course, so it doesn’t smell like spoiled milk (yuck!). Feel free to recycle the cap separately, we use fresh caps with each batch.

Step Two: Return To Store

On your next grocery trip or next time you’re in town, swing by the store you bought your milk from to return your bottles. All you’ll need to do is bring your bottles through the check out line or to the customer service desk. They’ll either provide you with a cash refund or take money off of whatever else you’re buying.


Step Three: Buy Another Bottle

Let’s keep the cycle going shall we? Grab one of your favorites or try something new! Whether you need the added kick of our Cowpuccino or looking to recharge with the protein from our Chocolate Milk, you’ll be glad you grabbed another bottle.

A Few More Notes…

Unfortunately, our special edition eggnog bottles sold at Fresh Market are non-returnable, but we can’t wait to see the creative ways you reuse them yourself! If you are unsure whether your local store takes recycled bottles, please visit our Where to Buy page to find the official list of vendors near you that participate.