Homogenized vs Creamline Milk

What’s the Difference Between Creamline and Homogenized Whole Milk?

What’s the Difference Between Creamline and Homogenized Whole Milk?

If you’ve seen Homestead Creamery in your closest grocery store, you may have noticed that there is more than one type of our classic milk. There’s Skim, 2%, Homogenized, and Creamline Whole Milk. Most milk drinkers can spot the difference between some of these milks. However, our signature Creamline and Homogenized milks may leave you a little unsure. Don’t worry, we’re here to help clear things up!

What is Homogenization?

Our Creamline Whole Milk is as close as you can get to straight from the cow. It’s minimally pasteurized but not homogenized. What’s homogenization? In simple terms, homogenization is the process of making the fat molecules in milk smaller by using a high pressure pump. Homogenization and fat disruption helps prevent the separation process that happens in whole milk. In nonhomogenized milk you will notice cream that rises to the top of your milk bottle.

Creamline Vs. Homogenized Whole Milk

So which is better? Well, that simply comes down to preference. Our Creamline Whole Milk tastes just as delicious as our Homogenized Whole Milk. And, they are both whole milk. Both of these products are free of antibiotics, contain no added hormones, and are minimally pasteurized. So, if rich classic whole milk is what you’re looking for these are the products for you!

Ways To Enjoy Creamline and Homogenized Whole Milk

Whole milk can be used for a variety of recipes, or can be enjoyed by the glass! Since our Creamline milk is non-homogenized, you just have to shake that signature cream that rises to the top, then enjoy. Or, you can use that delicious cream to make ice cream! That’s exactly what we do here at Homestead Creamery. Whole milk is also known for adding a richness to any recipe. Lots of desserts often include whole milk to create a truly indulgent taste.

Now that you know the difference between our Creamline and Homogenized Whole Milk, it’s time to find it near you! Click here to find a bottle near you.