Creamline Whole Milk

As close as you can get to straight from the cow. Our creamline whole milk is minimally pasteurized but not homogenized, creating the signature cream that rises to the top. Shake well and taste often.

  • Available Sizes
  • Half Gallon
Antibiotic Free

We test our milk for antibiotics, first at our farms, and again at the plant to assure that not a single drop of antibiotics make it into your milk.

No Added Hormones

We keep our cows well fed and well rested so they can produce high quality milk naturally, instead of relying on production hormones.

Minimal Pasteurization

Heating and cooling in under a minute, we lock in the nutrients without compromising flavor.


We skip homogenization to give you that recognizable cream top.

Glass Bottled

Our recyclable glass bottles will keep your milk colder and the flavor fresher.

Behind the Scenes

See how the Cream Team keeps our dairy fresh and pure from start to finish.

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