Granola and A2A2 Milk

What Is A2A2 Milk?

What Is A2A2 Milk?

Milk From Real Cows

Most milk that you buy in stores contains both the A1 and A2 protein beta-casein. Research studies show that our bodies may digest these two proteins differently and that some people have a harder time digesting milk containing the A1 protein. Studies also showed that people who experienced this discomfort were able to enjoy A2A2 milk belly-ache free!

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Homestead Creamery Milk Now from 100% A2A2 Cows

What Causes Discomfort?

The symptoms of a lactose intolerance and an A1 protein allergy are very similar. In fact, many people have incorrectly diagnosed themselves with the intolerance. A2A2 milk could be your opportunity to enjoy milk again.

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The Truth About Dairy Sensitivities

Made The Homestead Creamery Way

A2A2 milk is made for you exactly the same as all of other types of milk. We haven't changed our signature pasteurization process and there are no additives. It's simply milk that comes from cows that have two copies of the A2 gene in their DNA. Our A2A2 milk is the same great tasting, high-quality milk you know and love. And now even more folks can enjoy it!

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How It’s Made

The Magic of Milk

Milk happens to be one of the most delicious and nutritional whole foods on the market. Loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, there's no substitute for milk. If milk has given you discomfort in the past, our A2A2 milk may be the best way for you to once again enjoy the flavor and benefits of milk.

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Top 8 Vitamins and Minerals in Milk

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